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High Speed Bearings: Keeping Us Up to Speed

February 4th, 2021

When was the last time you traveled slower than the speed limit? You might have a hard time thinking of an answer. Why? Because it seems to have become the natural inclination to get places faster, get things done faster, and increase the speed of everything we do. It might be why it’s so hard occasionally slow down and relax. However, doing things quickly in your day to day life is only scratching the surface when it comes to the importance of speed.

Speed has become a value, a commodity, and a necessity. However, for the sake of this article the focus will remain on speed as it pertains to the industrial world. Since the earliest days of the industrial revolution all the way up to the present day, speed transformed from the collective speed of hundreds of thousands of bodies working in a factory to high tech machinery optimized to work faster than a hundred laborers ever could.

In our high-speed world, industries need high-speed solutions that deliver similarly high levels of precision and efficiency. You see it when it comes to tires, smartphones, cars, your computer, and so much more. What you might not tend to think about as fast are the machines and tools that help make all of those things.

Think about it this way. During World War Two, factories producing bearings were frequently targeted by allied troops. Why? Because they were integral to the performance of not only military vehicles like tanks and planes, but because bearings are also pivotal when it comes to the machinery and tools needed to mass produce the many things needed in the field.

However, the importance of bearings extends far beyond automobiles, planes, and weapons. In fact, most of what we use every day has somehow been influenced by ball bearings. Whether it’s the circuit board in your phone or computer or the car you drive to work every day, ball bearings and high-speed bearings make fast and efficient manufacturing a reality, so we get all the things we need faster and more efficiently.

High-Speed Bearings are utilized in Industries Such As:

•Aerospace and Defense
•Computer manufacturing
•Medical equipment manufacturing
•And many others

High-speed bearings are used instead of standard bearings when low friction, low noise, and ultra high precision are essential. This often includes use with dental and medical equipment, precision machine tools, aerospace equipment, machine spindles, and much more.

So next time you order a new gadget or buy a new car, think about the relationship between speed and the way those products were manufactured. It’s very likely that high speed bearings had a hand in the manufacturing process to make it faster, more efficient, and less expensive.